We All Need Therapy

I don’t care what anyone says.  We ALL need therapy at some point in our lives.  Life these days is really hard – with all the demands on us like work, commuting, children, childcare,  families, bills, busy schedules, etc.  I’ve been going to individual and family therapy forever.  I’ve probably spent thousands on therapy.

At times, I questioned its value especially in moments of desperation when I badly needed a concrete plan or solution to my issues.  I would get so frustrated leaving the therapist’s office without the silver bullet.  But like everything else, it’s a process and mental health issues are complex, requiring time to understand and to get through.

Whatever you or society thinks about therapy, for me, it has been a life saver on so many occasions.  If nothing else, someone listening to me vent or cry or curse without judgement or criticism was all I needed to feel better and go on.  I know you’re wondering why this couldn’t simply be had with family and friends and perhaps it can. But I found, in my own experience, friends and family just could not understand or empathize.  In fact, some simply ostracized me and my son which has been incredibly disappointing and hurtful.

You don’t need to be diagnosed with a condition to see a therapist.  Receiving therapy doesn’t make you weak, incompetent, failing or desperate.  You’re human – with needs – the need to feel heard, understood and reassured that it’ll be OK.

We can only take so much.  It’s perfectly healthy and OK to admit you need help and to seek it out so you can begin to talk about it and heal.  If you’re reluctant to seek out professional support, it’s OK too.  Take your time.  Until then, please feel safe here at You’re Not A Bad Parent to just search for information you need, to read about my experiences to help you recognize that you’re not alone and hopefully to give you inspiration to take whatever next step you need to change your life for the better.

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