The Loneliness of Mental Health

“…you are an exceptional parent – because you have been called on to be the only person capable and necessary to handle the colossal responsibility of raising a child with mental health issues.” This encapsulates all of the emotions and thoughts that I felt this past weekend.  My son had another emotional episode in which […]

Lessons Learned From ODD – part 3

Not everyone has the will power to handle people who are obstinate and rigid. My son’s father is one of them. Interestingly, he too is an incredibly rigid person. For the last nearly three years, he has relinquished all of his parental responsibilities and rights for a number of reasons; one of which is the […]

Pain of Child Abandonment

I have had many challenging moments raising my son through his emotional and mental issues. As infuriating and distressing as these episodes have been, they aren’t nearly as difficult as that of child abandonment. Our circumstances are extremely complicated. To try to explain it in one blog would not do justice to depict how messy […]

The One Constant

My teenage son suffers not only from ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and mood disorder but also from the emotional turmoil of parent abandonment, racial and identity issues, anger and self-loathing. In his fits of anger, my son has called me every name in the book. He has destroyed several of my belongings. He has put […]

Christmas & ODD

Christmas is about a week away and while many of us consider this time of year joyful and filled with cheer and happiness, this particular holiday is a very poignant one for me. Christmas 2017 was a horrible day for me and my son. We spent most of it in a hospital psychiatric unit. I […]