Lessons Learned from ADHD & ODD

There’s a lot of things I probably could have done differently or better when it comes to raising my son, who has oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), early on.  It has been almost 12 years since his ADHD diagnosis.  I don’t say this out of regret but rather from a place of reflection, curiosity and an […]

Questions to Ask During A Mental Health Evaluation

If you are seeking a mental health evaluation of your child or family member, be prepared by writing down detailed information about your observations (ex: types of behaviors, frequency of the behaviors, triggers, changes in sleep/eating habits or social relationships, etc).  The more details you provide the better. Try to research information about the evaluating […]

We All Need Therapy

I don’t care what anyone says.  We ALL need therapy at some point in our lives.  Life these days is really hard – with all the demands on us like work, commuting, children, childcare,  families, bills, busy schedules, etc.  I’ve been going to individual and family therapy forever.  I’ve probably spent thousands on therapy. At […]