No Shame Allowed

One of the most challenging aspects of managing behavioral disorders (ex: ADHD, ODD, conduct disorder, etc) is other people’s misconceptions about the disorders along with the misconceptions about the children & families affected by them. Unlike other mental health disorders that present physical symptoms, disorders like ADHD, ODD and conduct disorder (CD) present themselves externally […]

How Talk Therapy Helps

This post validates why therapy is so important and necessary to deal with mental health issues.  In my post “The Weariness of ODD & Detrimental Co-Parenting”, I felt extremely hopeless and had a really difficult time getting myself out of the valley of despair.  So I called my son’s school district psychologist, who is also […]

We All Need Therapy

I don’t care what anyone says.  We ALL need therapy at some point in our lives.  Life these days is really hard – with all the demands on us like work, commuting, children, childcare,  families, bills, busy schedules, etc.  I’ve been going to individual and family therapy forever.  I’ve probably spent thousands on therapy. At […]